Journal for mindful entrepreneurial people

Make your journey a memorable one


Keep up a journal and share it with friends

Make your business journey a memorable one.


Keep up a journal. Track energy
and anxiety. Log feelings and thoughts.
Live a balanced and mindful life.

Write authentic and be yourself.
Collect your precious moments
in a reliable environment.

Share journeys with your best friends.
Support each other and
experience the journey together

What is Mbassador

Entrepreneurial people are on exciting expeditions. With passion as the fuel that drives them. On a journey full of learnings and countless experiences. Going through extreme personal growth. Creating heaps of memories that need to be recorded.

With Mbassador you collect these precious moments in a reliable and secure environment. Mbassador helps you to focus on the progress you make. With your friends present to support you.

Mbassador is made for all freelancers, bootstrappers, makers and founders who believe happiness, success and mindfulness aren’t destinations.

Quality is not an act, it’s a habit! Embrace the journaling habit. Write authentic stories for yourself. Make your journey a memorable one.


✔ Startup founded
✔ Research
✔ Product Prototype
✔ Business Plan & Startup Strategy
✔ Branding
✔ Introduction Website
✔ Funding (a Co-Funder)
✔ Bootstrap an MVP in Telegram
✔ Visual design

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❏ Stripe Subscriptions & Billing
❏ Test, test, test
❏ Beta launch Mbassador
❏ Test & improve with our customers

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Why Mbassador

We believe in the power of journaling.
To collect our Insights. Feelings. Thoughts.
We track happiness, energy and anxiety.
Strive for a balanced life.

We log. We write. We secure. We treasure.
For ourselves. For the future us.
We chase quality, not likes. Embrace ingenuity.
Write imperfect and authentic stories.

We share our most precious moments with close friends.
To help and support each other.
We make the journey more important than the destination.
And experience it together.

Our ambition

Build a product people love and pay for
See: 5 reasons why users should pay for your SaaS

Find a vested (founders)team
Team work makes our dream work. 

Build a sustainable business
Bootstrap our way to break-even. 

Find steady growth without VC-funding
We want to pursue our purpose, helping people one by one, without stakeholders chasing an exit and return on investment.

Make your journey
a memorable one